Your Voice

Your Voice Matters!

Residents can help to create a better community and encourage responsible development, and the preservation of natural, cultural, and recreational assets. We also need to speak up and make sure that we receive our fair share of new parks, and public amenities, and public works.

Kuleana Responsibility: Each of us has the kuleana (responsibility) to speak up for our aina and kai. We need to be the voice of our community, our environment, and also speak up for the voices of future generations.

The people’s mandate: Our political representatives cannot act without a clear mandate from the people. So our job is to tell the politicians, and committees what we want and how we want our island to be. Each resident who speaks up at council meetings and writes letters, or phones in makes a big difference.

Do not assume that your interests are being looked after: There are a lot of voices, and other people asking for what they want. Big business and industry interests even have paid advocates and lobbyists that go to meetings to influence the decision makers.

We need to vote with our voices, show up to every meeting and group. We can answer surveys, join community groups, and stay up to date with current issues.

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