Why are Maui’s Beaches so overcrowded?

Overcrowding on Maui Beaches: We have all noticed how crowded beaches have become. This overcrowding issue is not new but it appears to be accelerating recently. Population on Maui has grown and more tourists come each year. Maui’s population in 1980 was just 70,847 and grew to 167,419 by 2019. That is a whopping 136% increase. But the number of beaches and access points appears to have remained stagnant. Why hasn’t infrastructure kept pace with population?

  • When was the last Beach Park added to Maui’s inventory?
  • How much has shoreline access increased/decreased in the last 20-50 years?
  • How much beach parking has been added or lost in the last 20-50 years?
  • How much public beach and open space at the shoreline disappeared in the last 20-50 years?