Waipuilani Gulch is Clogged with Debris

We are not ready for the next storm. The Waipuilani Gulch is clogged with debris, and the landowners are not keeping the gulches clear. Flooding is forecasted to be more severe in the future because of the upcountry fires, and ongoing deer problems, Expect a lot more more mud, dirt, and debris to come down the mountain in the next storms. 


The Waipuilani Gulch is one of Kihei’s main Drainageways, that services a vast 13-square-mile catchment. This gulch is prone to flooding. Often clogged with debris, the narrow culverts become quickly overwhelmed with debris and mud causing flooding along South Kihei Road, and neighboring properties. And unfortunately, all of this stormwater eventually ends up in the ocean. Conservationists are fighting to preserve this important gulch, while developers keep building into the gulch and cutting down the natural waterway. Flooding is already severe but it is forecasted to be even more severe in the future.

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