Why is there an ugly barbed wire fence being put around a scenic Nature Reserve

Why is there suddenly a 7-foot high wire fence around the Kealia pond in Maalaea? It seems that there was scant anecdotal evidence of an increase in pig and deer populations since the cessation of sugarcane growing however, an A&B spokesperson said that there have always been pigs in the Central Valley. Apparently, there was no record keeping, statistics, and no studies showing if there was actually a problem, or even a change in conditions to begin with. A&B has had a permit to control Wildlife since 2016.

So why now has $250,000 been spent on at wildlife Control fence? This fence is an eyesore and actually creates a loss of views and aesthetic beauty of the reserve this doesn’t make sense, especially considering the elaborate and expensive Wildlife viewing platform that was erected on the Makai side of the highway. Why then would they now erect an ugly eyesore fence between the viewing platform and the pond? And where then was the study that showed how bad the problem was? Surely they must have done some kind of an environmental impact statement before spending a quarter of a million dollars on a fence, and then giving that money to a private contractor? Was this project even a public bid? But is there an EIS, when was the public notice, and the required community input process and consultation with all the interested parties? When public money is spent to alter public land an EIS is always required, especially considering this is all happening in an SMA shoreline area and sensitive habitat. 

Is there a deer problem on Nth Kihei Rd?  Has anyone ever seen a deer on the Makai side of the pond? Have you ever seen dead deer roadkill along North Kihei road? If there is not a deer problem there, then maybe they could have erected a far less-intrusive 4-foot high pig fence between the highway and the pond, and then a taller 7foot deer fence behind the pond. Why were these options never discussed? 

Alternative Solutions:  Any scientific wildlife study could probably have come up with several better solutions for controlling wildlife in the pond area, like perhaps trapping first. Someone should take a closer look at how this fence came about and who are the people benefiting the most because the majority of people on Maui losing a beautiful and precious resource. This just doesn’t seem right or pono.

Unnecessary Cruelty:  Also, why have barbed wire, can the deer see that barbed wire from the ground? Will they see the barbed wire and decide not to try for it? And it is a visual deterrent for deer, or is it just a cruel and barbaric addition? The deer can either jump over a 7-foot fence or not, and they either make it over or they come back on this side. So why do they try to maim and injure them with the barbed wire? Doesn’t make sense, If it is not a barrier fence, then it is designed to be an injury-inflicting device or a kind of trap maybe? 

Respect the Wildlife:  Deer are wildlife too, they may be introduced species, but they are born and raised here on Maui for many generations, so that makes them locals too, so give them some respect. Their families have probably lived on Maui longer than many other human families. This area is meant to be a wildlife “sanctuary” after all. Let’s not be unnecessarily cruel and heartless when we do not need to be. 

Links:  https://www.mauinews.com/news/local-news/2017/10/evidence-suggests-feral-pigs-are-moving-into-central-plain/