Save Waiehu from Overdevelopment

Maui’s unique environment needs protection! Our group, Protect Waiehu Ahupua’a (PWA) was formed in July of 2022 in response to a California Developer’s plans to pave over a large section of Important Agriculture Lands (IAL) in the Wailuku area of Maui.
Aquifer at Risk: This 252-acre parcel is currently planted in 30-year-old mature Macadamia Nuts which have been providing a valuable protein crop and allows rain to be reabsorbed into the aquifer which supplies much-needed water to many parts of Maui. There is a wellhead almost adjacent to the parcel. The group’s efforts were to file a complaint against the Developer and the County of Maui to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to reveal the impacts an additional 752 homes will affect the area. We believe that this document as opposed to the Final Environmental Assessment (FEA) will reveal that the environmental impact of such a project would be detrimental to the area. The FEA also uncovered the lack of solutions to traffic, schools, water, sewage, and importantly runoff and drainage into the ocean nearby. Yet the determination of the FEA was a FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact)!
As of today, a small group of local citizens has contributed out of our own pockets nearly $15,000 which has covered the PWA’s attorney fees through Dec 2022. The estimated attorney’s fees will be an additional $20,000 which will get the PWA to court on February 8, 2023 where a Motion for Summary Judgment ( MSJ ) will be heard.
If we must go to trial after the MSJ hearing, estimated attorney’s fees will be up to an additional $50,000.
We need your Support: Currently, our immediate needs are more than $20,000 so we humbly request any support our community can give to help with our legal costs.
We salute the efforts of the Sierra Club, and other supporters, and we honestly resent the fact that private citizens have to resort to legal action when County elected officials should be protecting the environment and food sustainability as they so often say they are concerned with. We fear the big-money developers have undue influence on them and we desperately need your support.

Humbly presented, Gail Nagasako on behalf of the
Checks made payable to: Protect Waiehu Ahupua’a
c/o Diana Kaaihue
1291 W. Hiahia St
Wailuku, HI 96793