Objectives and Policies – Kihei-Makena-Community-Plan-1998:
a. Provide high-quality recreational facilities to meet the present and future needs of residents of all ages and physical ability.
b. Provide for a range of park sizes and types at neighborhood, community and regional scales. New residential developments shall provide recreational facilities on-site to meet the immediate needs of project residents.
c. Plan, design and construct a regional park on approximately 100-150 acres within the District. Facilities should include, but may not be limited to: a community center, swimming pool, ball fields, and basketball and tennis courts. Consideration should be given to locating the park in fairly close proximity to the Kihei Wastewater Reclamation Facility so that treated effluent may be used for park irrigation purposes.
d. Encourage the construction of public parks adjacent to schools to provide for joint utilization of facilities by school and community.
e. Improve recreation facilities and services through the integration of public parking, vehicular drop-offs and turnarounds, and sanitation facilities with facility planning and design.
f. Improve public access to shoreline and nearshore resources through the following measures:
1) Develop and implement a plan for public access to the shoreline, which includes both existing and future accesses, based on the location of significant shoreline resources. Accesses shall be consistent with the characteristics of resources to be reached.
2) Provide adequate landscaped public access to shoreline areas with significant recreational and scenic value. Provide adequate lateral public access along the shoreline to connect significant shoreline areas and to establish continuity of the public shoreline areas. Particular attention shall be directed toward southern shoreline resources from Polo Beach southwards, and between Kama`ole Parks II and III.
3) Require setbacks to include recreational space on lands behind the legally defined public shoreline zone wherever possible. This allows for adequate recreational activities and proper management of the shoreline.
4) Provide setback areas with landscaping to enhance recreational use and scenic quality. Recreational amenities should be commensurate with the scale of the setback area, intended use, and resource characteristics. g. Establish several youth centers throughout the region n, one of which could be located at the park site adjacent to Lokelani Intermediate School.
h. Provide for adequate parking at all park facilities. Many existing parks lack sufficient parking and require substantial increases in parking spaces.
i. Support the creation and promotion of overnight campsites within the region.