Natural Resources


The shoreline is one of the region’s major assets. Linear in form, the Kihei-Makena region hugs the South Maui coastline. The region enjoys ocean views, excellent sandy beaches, and sunny, dry weather. The existing shoreline parks which provide for ocean access and recreational opportunities must be carefully protected through improved resource management and control. Shoreline recreational areas and accesses must be increased to meet the growing needs of the region and island residents. Improved beach access and other supporting facilities at the shoreline are also recommended.

According to the Kihei Community Plan:

Preserve coastal vistas, open space, and recreational opportunities for residents by prohibiting further shoreline development except in places designated on the 1997 community plan land use map, and prohibit future community plan amendments along the shoreline that would increase the intensity of land use, with the exception of land use that is public or quasi-public in nature. (Kihei-Makena-Community-Plan-1998)

Prepare an Open Space Master Plan for the region to provide a unified system of non-motorized access to community resources, and
to provide a planned program of resource stewardship. Establish standards for the use of drainage ways, gulches, wetlands, and
easements for public access. (Kihei-Makena-Community-Plan-1998)

ENVIRONMENT – Goal (Kihei Master Plan 1998):
Preservation, protection, and enhancement of Kihei-Makena’s unique and fragile environmental resources.
Objectives and Policies a. Maintain and enhance the long-term availability of shoreline resources for public enjoyment through adequate access, space, and facility provisions, and through on-going resource management programs.
b. Preserve, protect, and restore unique natural areas with significant conservation values. c. Require that new shoreline development respect shoreline resources and maintain public access.

4) Storm water run-off from proposed developments shall not adversely affect the marine environment and nearshore and
offshore water quality.  g. Require the integration of wetlands and drainage ways into an open space, pedestrian pathway, and bikeway system within and around the Lipoa business district.

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