Resource Extraction Impounded Sand Deposits

Shoreline and nearshore developments must be aware of the importance of preserving impounded sand. Shoreline sand is an extremely valuable asset, and sand is unique to its area. Whenever new land is developed in the shoreline, an assessment of the sand deposits on-site should be determined and reported to the DLNR and planning department. They may decide to salvage and retrieve the sand before it is permanently impounded beneath structure. Natural sand deposits may not be used on construction sites for any purpose, either as a construction material for concrete, backfill, or any other purposes. The best use for natural sand deposits is usually for local beach nourishment. These native sands are the prime candidates for this purpose. Sands take thousands of years to develop, and should be preserved to the best ability possible. And saved for the benefit of future generations.

  • Pohaku, ‘ili‘il, Rocks, and Sand should be considered as minerals that should fall under mineral protection laws. 

See mineral rights (HRS §182-2  Mineral rights reserved to the State).