Why are we still building large resorts and housing projects near the shoreline, and on the Kihei floodplain? According to the EPA, The average 100-year floodplain is projected to increase 45 percent by the year 2100. Our government and scientists are already planning for a retreat from the shoreline. Many communities are already adapting their planning strategies for this. In Kihei, we are planning to build more roads on our Mauka side for future expansion of our communities towards higher ground. Let’s start to be more akamai, and reduce the amount of development that we allow at the lowest elevations. And plan for our new communities to be created in safer locations. Much of South Kihei Road and vital infrastructure could be at risk, damaged, or even underwater by rising sea levels in the next 50-80years, and they are already planning new roads at higher elevations. So it makes sense that this is where the new building needs to happen. For example, new housing could be built next to the new high school Mauka of Pi`ilani Hwy, for the teachers and families to be close to school, work, and transport.
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