Hale Waipuilani development threatens Kihei neighborhood

There is a high-density development seeking approval that could threaten the safety of local residents in north Kihei.

Developer is Pre-selling Houses in one of
Kihei’s last floodways

Worst of all, these are being built in a streambed, that is the areas only floodway. This will make flooding worse for everyone.

Affordable Housing unattainable for many Local families.

Maui’s affordable housing is being sold to mainlanders and Local families are missing out.

Managed Shoreline Retreat

In Hawaii, 50 percent of beaches will be gone by 2050 and many nearshore roadways are being eroded into the ocean. And it is accelerating.

Infrastructure Issues

Where are all the curbs and sidewalks that keep pedestrians safe? We have been waiting 5-10-15 years and more for promised sidewalks, where are they?

Resource Extraction

Shoreline and nearshore developments must be aware of the importance of preserving impounded sand. Beach sand is a finite resource and it is specific to each area.

Save Kihei from Over-development

Overdevelopment threatens the safety of our community. Maui Planning Comission are rubber-stamping every development regardless of the environmental impacts.

Maui’s Future: Paradise or Dystopia?

On Maui, we are at a crossroads where our future can go toward replication of the Waikiki model or we can go in another better direction.  We need MANAGED tourism Now.

Engineering concerns for Kihei Flood Zone

Engineering report by Don Gerry
Pointing to some of Kihei’s worst engineering problems, and infrastructure failures