Save Kihei from Over-development 

Here is what you need to know, there are multiple high-density housing and commercial projects proposed for this area. If approved some of these projects will cause harm to people, the community, and our neighborhood. 

What can you do? 

ZONING: Developers threaten to break zoning rules that protect our neighborhoods. 

HAZARDS: Developers intend to put housing in the most hazardous areas.

FLOODING: Developers will not address local flooding and will make it worse.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Developers seek exemption from paying for infrastructure updates like they are supposed to. They are using loopholes in the rules to avoid paying for improvements, like curbs and sidewalks. 

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY: Some of these projects will decrease pedestrian safety, and increase traffic problems. Projects will put more traffic where local kids travel to parks. 

PRIVACY: badly designed projects violate the safety, privacy, and enjoyment of neighbors. Reduced setbacks and building to the maximum height regardless of neighbors, destroying views for surrounding homes and neighbors, and add to noise pollution. 

POLLUTION: construction creates pollution, during and afterward. Polluted stormwater running into the ocean harms the reef and sea life.

NATURE: These projects can harm wetlands, wildlife habitats, open space, and underground water sources. 

RECREATION: Many of these projects provide no benefit to the community, as developers do not want to pay their fair share of contributions for parks. And will make our parks and beaches more crowded with inadequate parking.

OVERDEVELOPMENT: Kihei has suffered from decades of overdevelopment, and neglect. Infrastructure has lagged far behind the construction and there are no plans to fix it. 


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