Flood protection walls and berms for Kihei, South Maui

Homeowners, businesses, community groups, and government agencies are developing and planning better flood protection measures in Kihei, South Maui, where the frequent problems of flooding during major storms have prompted the community and local authorities to seek effective solutions. Here are some examples of flood protection walls and driveway berms:

  1. Green Flood Walls:

  2. Vegetated Retaining Walls:

    • Vegetated retaining walls combine structural support with greenery. They stabilize slopes, prevent soil erosion, and enhance aesthetics.
    • These walls can be strategically placed along vulnerable areas to prevent soil displacement during heavy rains.
  3. Driveway Berms:

    • Driveway berms are raised areas along driveways or roadways that act as barriers against floodwaters.
    • By elevating the driveway surface, berms help divert water away from homes and prevent flooding.
  4. Culvert Improvements:

    • Increasing the size of culverts along roads like South Kihei Road can enhance drainage capacity.
    • Larger culverts allow water to flow more efficiently, reducing the risk of flooding.
  5. Dune Stabilization:

    • Coastal dunes play a crucial role in protecting against storm surges and flooding.
    • Stabilizing dunes through vegetation planting and erosion control measures helps maintain their integrity.
  6. Channel Stabilization Techniques:

    • Channels that carry stormwater need proper stabilization to prevent erosion and sediment transport.
    • Techniques such as bioengineering (using plants and natural materials) can enhance channel stability.


Remember that these solutions aim to balance flood prevention with environmental conservation, ensuring a sustainable approach to protecting Kihei from future floods.

Here are some examples of flood-protection walls, and driveway berms in Kihei: https://gokihei.org/news/building-a-wall-to-divert-floodwaters