District planning commissions proposal Defeated


Unfortunately, The County Council voted to NOT place on the November ballot the proposal to allow for district planning commissions for each of Maui island’s 6 community plant districts

         The vote was 4-5.  The “five” who voted against this proposal were the three usual negative votes Lee, Kama, and Sugimura.  Unfortunately, Tamara Paltin and Keani Rawlins also voted not to place this item on the ballot.  I hope you will let them know how disappointed you are in their taking that action and not allowing the voters of Maui to decide on this issue.

         We are now stuck with a single island-wide Planning Commission for the whole island of Maui with at most two (2) and usually only one (1) resident from the community plan district where a project is being evaluated.

       Please thank Council members King, Molina, Sinenci, and Johnson for having the good sense to recommend that the voters of Maui should decide how our island’s future should be planned.