Access to Safe Drinking Water

One of the biggest issues that we humans are facing is access to a reliable source of drinking water. Nationwide countless communities are losing access to clean drinking water. This trend is starting to be seen here in Hawaii (i.e. Red Hill) and on Maui. Much of the problem has been hidden from view with our aquifers increasingly being overused, and wells that were already being contaminated 50 or so years ago by toxic agricultural chemicals, decades of aerial spraying of glyphosate, and current reckless uses of paraquat, and many other undisclosed chemicals. Plus vast quantities of wastewater and polluted stormwater are being dumped and injected into the groundwater. Lack of drinking water could become the single biggest “population-limiting” factor in the years to come. And with less rainfall expected from climate change, there is also no guarantee that even the current amount of drinkable water will always be available.

Kihei Tap Water
Kihei tap water Hoonani subdivision 2022

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