About Us

Save Kihei .org is a community-based movement, and a group of volunteers and concerned Kihei citizens dedicated to honoring the ‘Aina to ensure a good quality of life experience in Kihei. We aim to preserve cultural, natural, and recreational assets, and to ensure that our neighborhoods are protected from over-development.

Our interests cover a wide range of topics including preserving our shoreline, waterways, open spaces, parks, and beaches. We are also concerned that our communities are livable and safe, with proper and necessary infrastructure. We are particularly concerned with the rapid pace of development and the loss of vital areas. So we share our experiences and mana to speak to these issues and help to inform the decision-makers.

We are gathering information about the flooding, the quality of water, the functions of the wetlands and ultimately wish to promote the vital need to not further damage our reefs.

We SUPPORT SMART GREEN DEVELOPMENT.  We are not anti-development.  We are using aerial footage, on-site visits where available, the public watershed plan, traffic reports, etc. as well as neighborhood input and testimony that offer solid real-life data to inform the community of the recent explosion of ‘FOR SALE’ lots on the few non-developed areas left in the flood-plain.

Our goal is to verify our information with other environmental advocacy groups and experts to offer practical solutions, to keep and improve the quality of life to an optimum in Kihei.  Until then, our opinions are meant to be informational and educational.  If you believe anything on our site is incorrect or could be better presented please reach out to us.