Kihei’s last remaining wetlands are our only flood protection: 

This site at 1144-south-kihei-road is not only a wetland, it is one of the few remaining areas that act as a stormwater Detention basin. This area is located on the central Kihei floodplain. There was a plan for a 27 lot subdivision which never happened. At least two of the acres are dedicated wet lands.  Warning: This area is a notorious flood zone.

Elevation:  This is one of the lowest lying parcels in this area with an average elevation of 3.4 feet. Neighborhood flooding is severe when Kona storms or flash floods. After storms floodwaters can stay several feet deep here for several days as the water slowly dissipates. Some severe storms have closed local roads for days at a time. 


Where will all the floodwater go?

Drainage: This area is a wetland and has no drainage or outlet to the ocean. The surrounding streets do not have curbs or stormwater drains. As the lowest lot in the area this site serves as the de facto drainage basin for stormwater. Upslope from this area there are many commercial and residential developments that dump their stormwater into this area. There are also high-flow engineered drainageways from Piikea Park that dump onto this area via Yee’s orchard. Any development on this site could have the potential to increase flooding problems for the area. This site is a key part of a chain of interconnected wetlands that are co-dependent and act as a drainage system for the surrounding neighborhood. 

Preservation: Most of the surrounding neighbors and several community groups are against any development of this site, and want to see it preserved as an open space wetland. This site is known to locals as the Ewa Wetlands and is part of a well known area of wetlands. 

Learn More about the Flooding Problems Here:

Flooding on South Kihei Road
Neighborhood flooding with contaminated stormwater.

After storms roads can be closed for days while clean up happens. Tons of mud and debris need to be removed after brown water flooding events.

Floodwater leaves a massive mud layer in Kihei